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PMs/GMs rules Empty PMs/GMs rules

Post by BelgiumWarGod on Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:47 am

We wanted post here rules for PMs/GMs to make you guys know we are not limitless and if any of you see any of PMs/GMs breaking these rules, feel free message a [PM] or [GM] in game.

PMs/GMs will NOT abuse their power against players and in interest of their friends or theirs own!
PMs/GMs will NOT give access on their PM/GM accounts to ANYONE even family or best friends!
PMs/GMs will NOT join regular guild, Guild War, any PK or PVP and any other events!
PMs/GMs will NOT bring any HP or Mana Potions to their normal accounts on any events like Guild War, Dragon, Azreal and others!
PMs/GMs will NOT give any free gears to their own accounts or friends account neither DragonBalls or Meteors!
PMs/GMs will NOT use their PM/GM account to build gears for their alternative or friend's accounts!
GMs will NOT give any free XP Balls, XP Potions, DB Potions and other to help them level!
GMs will NOT get into any personal drama on server our staff have to stay NEUTRAL!
GMs will NOT botjail any player with out the real reason, all cases should be clearly explained to PMs.
Exceptions: PMs/GMs can give free gears/items for winners of events made by PMs.

Now this better part Cool

PMs/GMs are to help players and server not to get profits for yourself!
PMs/GMs WILL be always there to help others.
GMs WILL help players, answer all questions, have a good knowledge about server and events, will be worthily representing the server.
GMs WILL keep an eye on cheaters, boters, aimboters and botjail them if they are guilty even if they are their friends.
GMs CAN join duel or other events ONLY if other players agree and ONLY if its for fun not to get profits from it.
GMs CAN duel players suspected of Aim Boting and they can demand suspect record his duel, upload it and show to PMs/GMs.
Refusal is tantamount to an admission of guilt.

Breaking rules will be end in taking off PM/GM from your account Twisted Evil

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