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BotJail rules! Empty BotJail rules!

Post by BelgiumWarGod on Wed Jun 05, 2013 9:09 am

First offense - All of your accounts (Characters) will be bot jailed without any questions for a week (You will be able to leave after seven days), if you have been botjailed on Monday you will have to wait for the NEXT Monday to leave, you can leave in any day after seven days passed!
Second offense - All of your accounts (Characters) will be permanently bot jailed, and you will be IP banned.

You are ALLOWED to create new characters if you wish to do so, the new characters will automatically be considered as a botter, and will be PERMANENTLY bot jailed if caught botting.

After the second offense you are NOT allowed to connect to our services in ANY way, you will be banned from both our website, and server!

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