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Post by BelgiumWarGod on Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:10 am

Here You can post all Screen Shot or Videos of players Aim Boting, Auto Hunting, Auto Lvling, Scamming, Abusing bugs, Abusing anything in any way, using any cheats, Intimidating, Insulting (drama and to personal post will be removed).

Maybe In the future when the server grows a little more we will create Anti Bot Crew (few people from different guilds/countries) to fair judgment of all cases.

1st time = BotJailed on all accounts used by you, until the nearest Monday.
2rd time = IP ban, and permanent ban on all of your accounts.

Crime need to be proved. IP and Logs will be checked. Without any partiality and mercy. Cheater caught will be punished!

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